Lego, Who doesn’t know this cute little brick which sometimes styled as our favorite comic character?

Lego came from Billund, Denmark. The name “Lego” is Actually derived from the Danish phrase leg godt which means “play well”.

I once had a “Crush” on this little thing when I was a committee of the campus camp, I saw a gift shop that sells one of this iron man mark 42 lego… It was so cute back then.

Ironman lego is the most unique in my opinion because it has a helmet that can be opened to show its face. I was so mesmerized back then by how cool is that design.

Time passed, now lego has so much improvement in its accessories including the helmet. Back then, so many MCU’s lego fans are furious because lego creates an ant man helmet with a hole in the mouth which is not how it looks in the movie.

The funny fact is, china lego bootlegs always be my first choice.

First, because it is cheap. We sure know how it can be so cheap because the bootleg company is not paying any royalty to the brand that they are using (i.e. Marvel). Before I see that bootleg lego in the gift shop, I think lego is so expensive that I can use the same amount of money to buy whole food for my entire day. But in the end, when I got a similar design lego with ridiculously cheap prices, my wallet couldn’t stand a chance.

Second, I recently realized how China lego bootleg company have even created lego models that were not made by the original company

It is overwhelming to see that the impostor has “outsmart” the innovator. But I think what actually makes me stick to this bootleg lego is how they have various models and designs that even the original lego has not already made. They even have every single ironman from mark 1–42. Wow. How about lego? They only have a little amount of ironman lego design.

And the thing that actually makes me scratch my head is how they even have a new model for their design. The new mold which even the original lego had not create. And it was an awesome model. not that cringy model which makes every child scared.

So what I really learn from this “study case” Is, imitate the best that you can, but don’t only imitate, create something new from the one we imitate. And who knows? Like the story of lego and its bootleg counterparts. The bootleg counterparts now made so much “essential” progress which the lego hasn’t.



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David Sugiarto

David Sugiarto

Self Proclimed Comedian, World Proclaimed Engineer, God Proclaimed Son